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Pork Butt

Posted By: TLoving

Pork Butt - 03/28/21 05:38 PM

HEB had pork butts on sale this week so I purchased one Friday. As a side note if your HEB has curbside shopping I suggest you try out that service.

About 3 am I placed my pork butt on the cabinet to warm up a tad before I started cooking. A little after 4:00 am after seasoning the meat with a homemade rub I started the meat cooking in my Weber kettle grill.

Once the internal temperature of the meat reached 203-205 degrees F I took the meat off the heat and allowed the meat to rest. The meat is juicy and shredded very easily.

As the meat cooked I made a homemade sauce combining equal parts vinegar and ketchup. To that combination I added sugar and spices.

Bring on the potatoe salad and slaw.

Now to enjoy!

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Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Pork Butt - 03/28/21 06:31 PM

Would, should and will. Prefer them to brisket.
Posted By: 1955

Re: Pork Butt - 03/28/21 08:11 PM

Yum ! food
Posted By: bobcat1

Re: Pork Butt - 03/28/21 09:37 PM

cheers perfection
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Pork Butt - 03/28/21 10:01 PM

Originally Posted by bobcat1
cheers perfection

Posted By: ElkOne

Re: Pork Butt - 03/28/21 10:22 PM

salute Looks Great!
Posted By: Blank

Re: Pork Butt - 03/29/21 12:28 AM

I gave up the flavor and smoke of a Weber for the convenience of gas, but looks like I need to get it out of storage and fire it up again!!
Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Pork Butt - 03/29/21 01:28 AM

Man that’s good
Posted By: NORML as can be

Re: Pork Butt - 03/31/21 02:58 AM

Originally Posted by dogcatcher
Originally Posted by bobcat1
cheers perfection


Posted By: retfuz

Re: Pork Butt - 03/31/21 04:50 PM

Oh Hail Yes!!
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