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Baking Desserts - Part II

Posted By: Blank

Baking Desserts - Part II - 12/09/20 06:11 PM

The girls are finishing off left-overs tonight, and I'm frying the rest of the redfish. Nothing exciting there. I did decide to surprise them with a dessert, so came up on a new one, even for me. smile

Decook's post about Juniors in Brooklyn (they make a sponge cake crust) got my mind rambling. Graham cracker crusts are boring to me. Why couldn't I bake a Snickerdoodle crusted, New York-style Sour Cream Cheesecake????? Bake a crust on non-stick foil, slide it into a 9x13" pan, and build a cheesecake on top. Have to see tonight after it cools out in the 30 degree garage for a few hours. Brrrrr!!!!!!

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Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Baking Desserts - Part II - 12/09/20 06:22 PM

There you go again. Would.
Posted By: KRoyal

Re: Baking Desserts - Part II - 12/09/20 06:34 PM

Keep us updated. I also make a sugar cookie crust for my cheesecake. I think I like it better than the graham cracker crust.
Posted By: Blank

Re: Baking Desserts - Part II - 12/10/20 01:42 AM

The cheesecake turned out edible after all. Crust was excellent, as was the filling. Together, they didn't work as good tho, so I'll give it an 8 out of 10. If you ate the filling off first, then picked up the crust in your fingers like my MIL did, it was Heaven!! Made 3 different ways, and shared. Cinnamon/sugar was a little overpowering, hot fudge was great, as was the cherries.

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