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Last years Deer into Sausage this weekend

Posted By: Jamoke

Last years Deer into Sausage this weekend - 11/02/20 02:48 PM

Well, I got 2 Deer last year a spike and a 5x4 buck. Knowing that opening Day is only a few away, time to clear out the old to make way for the new. Everything was vacuum packed and in a chest freezer, So no freezer burn. My wife and I eat venison through the year, but no longer have the kids around So didn't eat as much this year. Had about 38 lbs of nice venison after cutting all the silverskins and removing any bones, added a 15 lb Boston pork butt and about 5 pounds of premium beef fat, would have preferred pork fat, but the butcher only had beef. 2 grinds on the deer and beef fat mixed. 1 grind on the pork and a second grind to half for the pork. I like a little texture. Half a bottle of red wine, black pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic and onion powder, salt, corriander powder, fennel seed, dry parsley flakes, some parmesan cheese and a little slap ya momma, and spicy Hungarian paprika. Let it rest over night, in the morning, cased it and hung in the garage for 4 hours with fans blowing on it to dry it a little. Then vacuum packed and back into the freezer, what we didn't eat for dinner. Delicious! [Linked Image]
Posted By: redchevy

Re: Last years Deer into Sausage this weekend - 11/02/20 03:08 PM

Interesting smoke house grin

I told my wife i was glad the house we were building has an island in the kitchen it would be perfect for grinding meat and suffing sausage... im not sure if we are gonna fight over that yet or not!
Posted By: Hudbone

Re: Last years Deer into Sausage this weekend - 11/02/20 06:28 PM

never heard of no "premium beef fat".
Posted By: Jamoke

Re: Last years Deer into Sausage this weekend - 11/03/20 03:30 PM

When you go to the butcher, and they are trimming only the top quality cuts, really aged, well marbled, the fat that still had some beef in it was perfectly marbled, the stuff looked like wagyu trimmings. That's what I meant by premium beef fat. I'll post some pictures later, this stuff looked good enough to eat!
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