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Dinner rotations

Posted By: bill oxner

Dinner rotations - 01/09/20 05:05 PM

I never eat the same meal two nights in a row except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The only two nights I'm locked in are Thursday night cheeseburger and Sunday tenderloin. Tonight is cheeseburger night. Tomorrow is leftover meatloaf night, and so it goes. My plans are pretty well locked in until next Wednesday night. Who plans the rotation at your house? How far out? Same food two nights in a row? Look forward to going out? How many nights?
Posted By: Choctaw

Re: Dinner rotations - 01/09/20 06:30 PM

I"m a leftover demon so I'll eat two meals in a row.
Posted By: rolyat.nosaj

Re: Dinner rotations - 01/09/20 06:35 PM

We have a binder full of recipes we have made an approved of. Sunday we plan our meals and go grocery shopping. There's no rotation but our meals come from the binder. Once every two weeks or so we try a new recipe and it might make the cut or not.
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Dinner rotations - 01/09/20 06:48 PM

I thought you were talking about when it goes round and round in the microwave....
Posted By: chalet

Re: Dinner rotations - 01/09/20 06:50 PM

I'll eat the same thing every day until its gone and sometimes do. I'll also re purpose leftovers. Sunday's t-bone off the grill got sliced and cooked into tacos on my griddle Tuesday night. Leftover pot roast usually gets turned into soup. Leftover mescan food scrambled with eggs for breakfast, etc.
Posted By: redchevy

Re: Dinner rotations - 01/09/20 08:08 PM

Im not a picky eater. I have been known to eat the same thing day in and day out for multiple meals a day. I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch nearly every day for well over 20 years of my life and still do, its what I had today and I liked it.

Our typical dinner rotation includes fried or blackened fish, pork chops, grilled sausage, tacos, carne guisada, taco salads, spaghetti and meat balls, chilli, deer steak, hamburger patties with onions and brown gravy, meat loaf, lasagna, recently made fideo for the first time and will again.
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Dinner rotations - 01/09/20 08:53 PM

I would love to go out to dinner. When Cathy was home for Christmas went out once for Mexican and once for CFS.

I often eat the same thing for lunch each day. The tuna salad I made last week lasted me several days.
Posted By: PMK

Re: Dinner rotations - 01/09/20 11:02 PM

we do a lot of leftovers, not much goes to waste. We had left over garlic/brown sugar bacon wrapped pork loin that got over cooked in the crock pot, that eventually turned into pulled pork, had it the last couple of nights and will likely have it again tonight. first night I added a little BBQ sauce, last night just used the natural gravy, tonight... who knows.

I'm not picky and if it was the first time, usually good the next several times ...

not a big fan of PB&J, don't care much for sweets is part of the reason ... but no telling how many days in a row I had bologna or salami sandwiches as a kid up thru my college days ... spam sandwich sounds pretty good right now for that matter.
Posted By: Old Rabbit

Re: Dinner rotations - 01/10/20 01:40 AM

Originally Posted by Choctaw
I"m a leftover demon so I'll eat two meals in a row.

Same here, it was beef tips and rice last night and tonight.
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