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Bacon making ideas

Posted By: okiehuntr

Bacon making ideas - 08/12/19 01:22 AM

too hot to do much outside only long enough to check smoker, Im thinking about making bacon from either a boneless butt or shoulder.

Does anybody have an easy recipe or a link to one. Also looking for any hints or suggestions. Imagine its a long process.
Posted By: 2Beez

Re: Bacon making ideas - 08/12/19 01:53 AM

Decook and buckrage are the ones in the know when it comes to bacon
Posted By: decook

Re: Bacon making ideas - 08/12/19 10:53 AM

Thanks 2beez, how's the kiddos?
Okiehtr, making bacon is easy. Look in the history in this area. I wrote up a tutorial called 2018 making bacon thread or something like that.

Here's a hint learned since I wrote that. Dont use aromatic spices during the cure process. Just use the cure, salt, and sugars. You can add them in the smoking process. It turns out a much better product.
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