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Dinner tonight

Posted By: bill oxner

Dinner tonight - 05/04/19 08:51 PM

Left overs from this.

[Linked Image]

Had to start over on the coleslaw. I have my recipe down pat. One package of Walmart shredded cabbage, sugar, pinch of salt, sugar, black pepper, dash of cayenne. Shake together mayo, oil, white vinegar, and balsamic vinegar. Toss together. Gets better the second day.
Posted By: bobcat1

Re: Dinner tonight - 05/05/19 12:21 AM

food Nice plate of food Bill! cheers
Posted By: sallysue

Re: Dinner tonight - 05/05/19 12:29 AM

Looks Good
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Dinner tonight - 05/05/19 02:31 PM

Originally Posted by sallysue
Looks Good
Posted By: texfork

Re: Dinner tonight - 05/06/19 09:29 AM

Great looking grub !
Posted By: Stub

Re: Dinner tonight - 05/06/19 10:48 AM

Originally Posted by texfork
Great looking grub !

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