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Posted By: Wytex

Peppercorns - 04/24/19 03:38 PM

Smoking some peppercorns today. Cracked half of them and left the others whole.
Mesquite wood for about 8 hours or so.
Sea salt will be next when the weather permits, it takes 2 days.

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Posted By: Cast

Re: Peppercorns - 04/24/19 04:51 PM

How much smoke did they pick up? Great idea.
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Peppercorns - 04/24/19 06:08 PM

They do pretty nicely. If you get them to sweat a little, give off some oils but not roast them they really take the smoke well.
I try to keep them between 150-200 degrees.
Posted By: PMK

Re: Peppercorns - 04/24/19 09:14 PM

excellent idea!!! I have done several blended seasoning salt mixes using sea salt, ground black pepper, garlic & onion powder, and a few other spices. Adds a nice smoky flavor to foods that were not smoked, great on over easy eggs!!!
Posted By: skinnerback

Re: Peppercorns - 04/24/19 10:49 PM

Very nice.
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Peppercorns - 04/24/19 10:57 PM

Off the smoker, 7 1/2 hrs. The mesquite makes an intense smoke so shorter time should be fine. I'll let them temper overnight and we'll grind some tomorrow.

My smoked sea salt and pepper goes on almost everything. I'll have some smoked chile pepper sea salt after the gardening season. My Mosco chile pecan sea salt is pretty popular with our friends.

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Posted By: Stub

Re: Peppercorns - 04/24/19 11:42 PM

You guys take it to a whole nutha level up
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Peppercorns - 04/25/19 02:30 AM

Originally Posted by Stub
You guys take it to a whole nutha level up
Posted By: krmitchell

Re: Peppercorns - 04/25/19 02:49 AM

How long will these and the salt keep? How do you store them?

Re: Peppercorns - 04/25/19 11:02 AM

Thatís awesome!
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Peppercorns - 04/25/19 02:21 PM

I put them in an airtight container and salt from last summer is still pretty fragrant.
Just ran out of smoked pepper so it lasted pretty well from last year too.
Posted By: Cast

Re: Peppercorns - 04/25/19 02:53 PM

I smoke sea salt and dry minced garlic for my rubs. Peppercorns go in the mix now. You spent a few dollars for that much pepper.

How do you smoke your salt?
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Peppercorns - 04/25/19 06:59 PM

I have about $30 in the peppercorns.
I use the same stainless screens for salt and everything. I bought some sheets of wire mesh and cleaned them up for cooking on, they are 12x18 inches.
Takes me at least 18 hrs for sea salt smoking. You have to stir it every once in a while like the peppercorns, I do it over 2-3 days.
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