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PSA, Sam's Sux

Posted By: Buzzsaw

PSA, Sam's Sux - 10/28/19 12:18 AM

Went to Fairfield today to deliver my Sako. Got some Blackberry Wine at Coopers.

Wanted to eat at Cookies Soul Food Restaurant but they are closed on Sunday's

I've heard the buffet at Sam's was great so we went there... barf

Only thing worth eating was the fried chicken, EVERYTHING else was terrible.

BLAND, cold and old,
Posted By: jetdad

Re: PSA, Sam's Sux - 10/28/19 01:16 AM

I agree. Stopped there about a month ago. Fried chicken was pretty good. My chocolate pie was good , but everything else was no Bueno.
Posted By: Nogalus Prairie

Re: PSA, Sam's Sux - 10/28/19 12:47 PM

Plus you pay about $15 for the privilege. Sam’s is like a few other places - it was so good for so long it can now probably live forever on the name alone.
Posted By: Cast

Re: PSA, Sam's Sux - 10/28/19 01:18 PM

Dang. Sunday at Sam’s used to be great. Turkey and dressing was always great.
Posted By: 603Country

Re: PSA, Sam's Sux - 10/28/19 01:39 PM

There’s a small cafe real close to Sam’s that has good food. It’s called “Something Different”.
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