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Not on Texas, but on the road

Posted By: 603Country

Not on Texas, but on the road - 06/06/19 08:14 PM

In Belfast, NI at the AC Hotel. Good hotel, but best if you eat only breakfast here. Had the evening meal here just now. Service was awful. The Bloody Mary was absolutely the worst I ever had. The steak was rubberized and the salad was mediocre. Stay here but eat at McHughes Pub (close by). Wonderful food.

We took the Game of Thrones Tour today and saw a lot of the places where filming was done: the Wall, where Arya Stark got stabbed and rolled into the water, where Kingslayer got cut up bad in the last segment, several of the castles, and we walked a section of the Kingís road. Saw Castle Black and others, and heard many stories about the filming and the actors.

Dublin tomorrow, then Galway, then Waterville.

Man, that Bloody Mary was bad. I had asked the young guy at the bar if he could make me a good spicy Bloody Mary. He said no, but the boss could. Well...NO...the boss canít. If I had one more night here Iíd teach a class on Bloody Mary making. But...they do have a heck of a cherry scone here.
Posted By: Herbie Hancock

Re: Not on Texas, but on the road - 06/06/19 08:20 PM

Did you watch the behind the scenes episode about GOT? All the stuff they built was pretty amazing.
Posted By: Pope&Young

Re: Not on Texas, but on the road - 06/06/19 08:49 PM

Things to eat while your in England:
Shepherd's Pie
Fish & Chips
Steak and Kidney Pie
Toad in the Hole
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