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Posted By: JABHunting

Overbite - 05/15/21 01:46 PM

I have a pup with an over-bite. It won't be bred, so that is not an issue. It is the first one of several litters to ever have this. She was the runt, so maybe that played a part. The pup is smart as can be, takes to training very easy and has a good pointing instinct. However, the veterinarian asked if I thought the over-bite would affect her ability to retrieve. Well, I hadn't thought of that. She does carry around a bone that is bigger than she is sometimes. She picked up a small bird that was victim of the freeze and carried it around. That bird was real small but proportionate to her size. Recently, a grackle of some sort hit the window and fell. She picked it up and carried it a little, but not much. This pup is very young and no where near ready for formal training yet. I am purposely avoiding mentioning the breed because it is irrelevant and I'm not looking for comments on such. It is a "mainstream" pretty common continental pointing breed. Anyone have experience with overbite or comments or suggestions? Thanks
Posted By: 68rustbucket

Re: Overbite - 05/15/21 02:00 PM

I don’t think it would matter about retrieving. I have one with an underbite. She won’t be bred, it causes no issues with her retrieving.
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Overbite - 05/15/21 02:36 PM

One of my best pointers had an overbite. Don't. Study about it.
Posted By: kmon11

Re: Overbite - 05/15/21 03:41 PM

Smart, takes training well and good natural instincts sounds like a good pup to me. I bet she will be a good one. She might be like a friends lab that someone shot a coot, she swam out and came back without the coot, smart enough to not retrieve it.
Posted By: Smokey Bear

Re: Overbite - 05/16/21 03:20 PM

Normally if someone asked for my opinion, I would answer that desire is the most important factor regarding a bird dog and retrieving, followed closely by marking ability and nose. Being that it was a veterinarian that asked the question, I would answer his question with a question and ask him “what prompted him to ask”?
Good luck with your new pup!
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