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Dog Stand - “Place”

Posted By: kemon86

Dog Stand - “Place” - 10/23/20 11:40 PM

Been working my pup off a wooden stand that is really heavy, but extremely sturdy. Bought a Banded dog stand for $99 and she HATES it! It creaks and wiggles and sometimes falls over after she pushes off on the retrieval of a dummy. She is super spooky around it, any advice? It’s only day 3 with the new stand, I figure it’ll just take time. Anyone else ran into this problem?
Posted By: BradyBuck

Re: Dog Stand - “Place” - 10/24/20 01:26 AM

How old is the pup?

Puppies go through fear stages and one bad encounter can imprint them for life.

It's very important that they have positive experiences with new things.

I would put the stand away, work off your platform and then when you reintroduce the dog stand make sure it's not going to fold up or fall over.
Posted By: booskay

Re: Dog Stand - “Place” - 10/24/20 07:20 PM

I never used a stand ---- my gsp sat next to the blind -------- he held perfectly still till shots were fired, then he went after the birds. Holding perfectly still is the secret. Ducks, dove, whatever the game, same rules apply.
Posted By: kemon86

Re: Dog Stand - “Place” - 10/24/20 10:18 PM

One my good holes, she’s going to have to be on a stand so that she can see the water, otherwise the edge of the vegetation is too tall. She turned 1 yr at the beginning of October.
Posted By: Smokey Bear

Re: Dog Stand - “Place” - 10/30/20 08:55 PM

If your going to hunt the dog of the banded stand, work the dog on it but set the dog up to succeed. Dig the legs down and plant them or whatever it takes to firm the stand up. How many times would you sit in a chair that’s gonna dump you?
Posted By: catslayer

Re: Dog Stand - “Place” - 10/31/20 06:57 PM

I start mine on wolbly surfaces

They will get over it just gotta work through
Posted By: coachmas

Re: Dog Stand - “Place” - 11/02/20 02:12 AM

My Yellow female was a little spooky of it at first. I did what was mentioned above. I made sure the legs were locked in place and stuck in the dirt good while working her off of it. In the marsh it isn’t an issue because the legs are stuck in the mud and the platform is closer to the water level than it is to the ground on training days. Good luck. Coach
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