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Posted By: DH3

Lucky - 11/07/18 11:01 AM

3 weeks before deer opener, I took my new Border Collie pup to ranch for first time. Also took my Lab and Austrailian Shepherd. Dogs are allowed to run free on the ranch
Dogs took off, pup in pursuit. Bottom line, pup disappeared.
Looked and called for hours, alerted neighbors put out a BOLO with Game Wardens, Border Patrol, Sheriff and dog rescue in Del Rio. Put sign on gate.
3 weeks, no joy!
Saturday night, pup shows up at cabin door. Skinny as hell but otherwise in good shape.
How he survived for 3 weeks is a miracle, thank god for rain in Del Rio so at least he had access to standing water.
Gobbles his food and is on the way back from his ordeal. Pics show before, after and gate sign.
His name is Chip, thought about changing it to lucky.

Posted By: bobcat1

Re: Lucky - 11/07/18 12:29 PM

Wow. Lucky it is.
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Lucky - 11/07/18 12:39 PM

Originally Posted By: bobcat1
Wow. Lucky it is.


Re: Lucky - 11/07/18 03:33 PM

I would definitely change his name to lucky. Thank goodness he survived, I bet he could tell some stories. No telling what the little guy went through.
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