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Blue Lacy and kids

Posted By: TX Hntr

Blue Lacy and kids - 02/12/15 03:58 AM

Catahoula has cancer and going to go soon.
How are Blue Lacys with young kids?
Posted By: Leonardo

Re: Blue Lacy and kids - 02/12/15 04:15 AM

My brother has one raised with his family. 3 kids under age 11 with the youngest being 3. His female is great with kids.
Posted By: C3 guide

Re: Blue Lacy and kids - 02/12/15 04:22 AM

Mine is a total family dog... Got him at 8 months old.. My son is 7 and my dog was a little rough at first with him. Just jumping. However in a week he was fine just very playful. I think if I would have raised him from a pup he would be perfect. I've only had him a month and he has chilled very much. I know of a breeder in Boerne that raises some of the best looking around with a good mind. The only reason I got mine is because he was out of this breeders stock. And he is super block headed, deep chested,long legs and thin tail. He is real looker and has the brains to back him up. I'll see if I can load a pic
Posted By: C3 guide

Re: Blue Lacy and kids - 02/12/15 04:24 AM

Sorry to hear about your Catahoula. My Catahoula was amazing and I don't think she will ever be matched as far as her skills. If I ever get one that's half the dog she was I'll be a lucky guy!
Posted By: Fishercounty

Re: Blue Lacy and kids - 02/12/15 12:36 PM

Had my male since he was a puppy, so he grew up with the kids. My 11 yr old son can wrestle
with him as rough as he wants and he hasn't snapped when I would have!
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