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Dogs overbite

Posted By: keep it wet

Dogs overbite - 09/23/14 04:29 PM

Would you buy a dog with an overbite? This pointer is good looking hard hunting with a lot of drive, but has an overbite..
Not sure what to do?
Posted By: dawaba

Re: Dogs overbite - 09/23/14 04:42 PM

It won't affect the hunting, only the appearance of the dog. Being a genetic trait, it might be passed on to its puppies, so that may influence your decision to breed the dog.
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Dogs overbite - 09/23/14 07:07 PM

The best one I ever owned came with an overbite.
Posted By: changedmyname

Re: Dogs overbite - 09/23/14 10:08 PM

Unless you're a breeder what does it matter?
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