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What age do YOU vaccinate your pups?

Posted By: NewGulf

What age do YOU vaccinate your pups? - 09/09/14 09:19 PM

ive been raising Catahoulas for years and years and have always waited to vaccinate them for parvo/distemper at 6 weeks of age. the past 4 days i have lost 3 pups and i think its from parvo and my other pups have also been sick with parvo like symptoms. i am religious with their care and keeping my kennels clean and bleached so i'm really 2nd guessing myself now on things ive done for a lot of years. i have never lost pups like this and am thinking maybe i should start with shots earlier. I'm curious if anyone here gives shots prior to 6 weeks of age and what results or problems if any youve had doing this. Thanks
Posted By: dawaba

Re: What age do YOU vaccinate your pups? - 09/09/14 09:47 PM

I wouldn't vaccinate earlier than 6 wks. A puppy's immune system is too immature to create a proper response to the vaccine.

More importantly.....was the momma fully vaccinated and up to speed on her shots prior to getting pregnant? In their early weeks, puppies are absolutely dependent on the immunity they get from nursing their mother. It is always possible that the momma, for whatever reason, failed to create her OWN IMMUNITY to her vaccines, and thus wouldn't pass any protection to her pups. It is also possible that the parvo serovar in the momma's vaccine was different than the strain the pups have......it's a bit like getting the H1N1 flu vaccine and coming down with the H3N5 flu strain. Still, most parvo vaccines do cross-protect somewhat with other strains.

It is quite possible that the pups are dying from something other than parvovirus. You should investigate other viruses, intestinal worms, bad milk from the mother (mastitis), and other causes. If ever there was a reason to see your veterinarian, this is it.
Posted By: NewGulf

Re: What age do YOU vaccinate your pups? - 09/09/14 10:26 PM

the mothers were utd on everything and the pups were extremely healthy and well started on dogfood as well as milk. this happened to 2 diff litters btw.
Posted By: steadypoint

Re: What age do YOU vaccinate your pups? - 09/10/14 02:45 PM

You can vaccinate the pups with Neopar Parvo vaccine starting at 4 weeks. I had this recommended to me by a vet 8-9 years ago. I have not had any problems whatsoever since then. It is great for overriding the maternal antibodies. It is important to use a high quality vaccine that has been handled properly. I only use Fort Dodge or Vanguard by Phizer after the Neopar shot. I give one of them every 2 weeks until the pups are 12 weeks old. Problem is that a lot of shots are overridden by the mother's antibodies. When you start weaning the pups, the pups become vulnerable until they get a shot that provides protection.

Very important also to alternate wormers. I alternate Strongid T and Panacur every 2 weeks. If you use only one wormer repeatedly, it is possible that you will not get a good kill in some of the pups.
Posted By: NewGulf

Re: What age do YOU vaccinate your pups? - 09/10/14 04:26 PM

i use pancur and a couple others. thanks for the info of the neopar i'm going to look into that! up
Posted By: twostrike

Re: What age do YOU vaccinate your pups? - 09/15/14 08:24 PM

The only time I lost any pups to Parvo was when I did not vacinate the mother right before breeding, so hers was really strong. I once started a litter of 4 puppies (pointers) at 5 weeks of age on parvo vaccine, and did the 2nd vacccination at 7 weeks. 3 of the 4 pups came down the next day with parvo and lost all 3, 4th pup was fine. I was told that the reason you do a series of shots was that after the first vacianation 25% develop immunity after the 2nd shot another 25% and so forth. This held true for this litter. I had done everything else including an above ground kennel that could be bleached and cleand good. The best protection I found was in vacinating just before breeding. Just my 2 cents. This is my experience in over 30 years of breeding.
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