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Deer Lease - Pitchfork Ranch - Guthrie, Tx

Posted By: TxHornHunter2021

Deer Lease - Pitchfork Ranch - Guthrie, Tx - 09/23/21 01:04 PM

Deer Lease - Pitchfork Ranch – (King County) Guthrie, Texas

Looking for two (2) individuals to join our hunting lease on the famed Pitchfork Ranch. A total of four (4) will be on this pasture. This pasture has not been previously leased. The pasture is approximately 4400 acres. The cost for the lease will be $6600. per member. Each member shall be required to place two (2) stands and two (2) feeders on the pasture. Each member shall be able to hunt any and all stands.

There are no facilities and no water. You must run generators for now as we are discussing dropping a meter at a nearby power pole.

Four-wheel drive vehicles or other utv / atv will be needed to travel the lease.

We are looking for drama free members. We want to work together and hunt together and have an enjoyable time on the ranch. Family members are permitted, and must be accompanied with the member at all times.
We are under a MLD system, so this means hunting can start in October and run through February using the ranches license and not your license.

One (1) mature whitetail buck, does (number shall be provided by the biologist shortly), management bucks (as determined by the biologist), all hogs you see, coyotes, etc. We shall report ALL animals harvested on a log.
If you must shoot a trophy or a number of deer each season, this is not your kind of lease.

I understand this is very short notice, but this pasture was just released and we need to get moving on it.

Mature whitetail buck is defined as a whitetail buck deer that is at least 4½ years old having at least eight points with at least a 15 inch inside spread and scoring at least 130 B&C gross points.
Management buck is defined as a buck at least 4½ years old with clearly inferior genetics as determined by ranch management.



Posted By: 68rustbucket

Re: Deer Lease - Pitchfork Ranch - Guthrie, Tx - 09/23/21 01:53 PM

Quail hunting included in lease price?
Posted By: rickt300

Re: Deer Lease - Pitchfork Ranch - Guthrie, Tx - 09/25/21 02:24 AM

My last lease was eleven miles north of Guthrie. Great deer country and on average feral hogs weighed 200 pounds and bigger. If I could afford it I would get on that lease.
Posted By: freerange

Re: Deer Lease - Pitchfork Ranch - Guthrie, Tx - 09/25/21 02:46 AM

Any Mule Deer?
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