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$2880 - Wichita falls area lease

Posted By: Chaseh

$2880 - Wichita falls area lease - 06/01/21 01:59 PM

Have 7 openings on 2400ac, 10 guns total, electric - no water - but potable water is available a couple miles down the road, deer/hogs/dove/ducks/geese/cranes/predators, not enough turkeys to say yes (only a couple have been seen), 140" or so to be expected, all big bodied - 175lbs and long hair - a 173" was on the property just north this past season. half mile from Wichita river, and not 15 miles south of Oklahoma/Red River. Lots of water, lots of oil traffic, crappy roads - need atv or SXS, 8miles from food/fuel/groceries. Allowed guest. Didn't see a single deer last July when I checked the place out, hunted 18 days and never got skunked - 5 to 10 deer each sit. Saw new deer regularly, and only 3 bucks harvested last season. No big trees, bow hunting would be difficult but not impossible. Lots of midsize mesquite

OFFICIAL PRICE IS $2880/gun. I have an old lease member that wants to sell a feeder/pen and newer fiberglass blind for $1000.00 and it is ready to go.

Text please - I can call back when not at work. Needs to fill by July 1st. 254-716-2116
Posted By: Chaseh

Re: $2880 - Wichita falls area lease - 06/03/21 04:17 AM

Spots filled
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