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Dove Lease Wanted

Posted By: wavygravy

Dove Lease Wanted - 05/05/21 09:09 PM

A few years ago I was able to rent a ranch out near George West that had a barndominium and a decent amount of acreage for myself and my family to hunt. It was great to be able to wake up and immediately start hunting in the mornings. My dad also loved it so he could take a nap whenever he wanted since he doesnt get after it like he used to! We also did a few day hunt spots around the area so we didnt overshoot the property.

Anywho, I'm hoping to find the same situation where a landowner would like to lease their entire property and also hopefully has a camp house we can cook / crash in. I know that's a long shot, but it happened once, so it can happen again. Unfortunately I dont know where to start since the last one fell in my lap and is no longer available. I have around 5-10 hunters in total who are clean, courteous (all shells / trash picked up, clean bunks before we leave, etc) and most of all carry cash money for the right place. I can also adjust the number of guys if the property is bigger / smaller.

I'd be interested in the 2nd weekend of Dove season but would take a look at anything at the end of the day as long as the opportunity is there. Appreciate any leads or guidance on who to speak with.
Posted By: wavygravy

Re: Dove Lease Wanted - 05/12/21 04:45 PM

Bump, I dont think people are thinking about doves yet. But the time is near!
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