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need a hog lease

Posted By: Bigfoot

need a hog lease - 03/14/21 07:38 AM

I have heard that they do have leases for hogs. Can someone educate me on how they work and if there are any around houston?
Posted By: rickym

Re: need a hog lease - 03/14/21 04:10 PM

Usually you find a land owner and lease the property from now through august. Lots of land owners that are willing to lease, would prefer you pay year round access including deer season which adds $$$
Posted By: BritinTexas

Re: need a hog lease - 03/14/21 09:47 PM

I have been look for the same thing. I’ve searched and not found anything. Asked around - nothing. I’d be willing to pay year-round $ just for the off season, but no such luck. I wish you luck in finding something. If you do, and there are extra spaces, let me know! I’m also in Houston.
Posted By: freerange

Re: need a hog lease - 03/14/21 10:59 PM

I dont know much about this but to me a "hog only" lease would not be common at all. I can see buyers but few sellers. I would figure there are very few places that have hogs that dont have deer, so it seems if a guy wants to lease he would lease to deer hunters that hog hunt too. Lots more deer leases are going to no hunting in the offseason so theoretically that could open up a few to hog only in off season. But, it seems if a landowner doesnt want deer hunters in the offseason then he wouldnt want hog hunters either. Am I missing something? confused2
Posted By: rickym

Re: need a hog lease - 03/15/21 08:53 PM

No FR your not, best luck for the OP is finding a deer hunting land owner that’s willing to lease out a few months of rights.
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: need a hog lease - 03/17/21 01:11 AM

I could see landowners who deerhunt their own place leasing out for hogs in the off-season. I’d consider it but we have too much livestock and not enough hogs at the moment.
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