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What’s it worth?

Posted By: procraft05

What’s it worth? - 02/14/21 02:39 AM

We have a spot in Oklahoma covered in pigs on the red river

Thermal and our rifle our ammo-zero’d (supplied)

75-100 percent opportunity for those willing to sit 3-4 hours

Stand currently can sit 3

Just wondering if it’s worth my time.

I would have to be there, no exceptions

Max 2 paid hunters plus me
Posted By: booskay

Re: What’s it worth? - 02/14/21 02:42 AM

Probably post the cost of OK hunting license for a Texan ---- hunter would have to add that to the cost of hunting there.
Posted By: procraft05

Re: What’s it worth? - 02/14/21 02:47 AM

If it’s not during a “deer season” no license required
Posted By: DQ Kid

Re: What’s it worth? - 02/14/21 02:51 AM

For pigs in TX, maybe $150-225 per night, per hunter. Like said, hunting in OK may require an out of state license, so maybe $150 a night per there...
Posted By: T Bone

Re: What’s it worth? - 02/15/21 02:51 AM

Book a few ProC & see if it’s workable or seems to be more trouble than it’s worth.. Be sure to calculate your fuel & equipment expenses- thermal isn’t cheap, as you know-
Posted By: Texas buckeye

Re: What’s it worth? - 02/15/21 04:49 PM

Hog hunting in OK is allowable outside a general season with NO License, just need land owners permission, and land owner needs a free night time hog hunting permit available online.

During a general hunting season you need to have a license to hunt hogs, same license as what is in season.
Posted By: tShawnB

Re: What’s it worth? - 03/01/21 02:22 PM

If you're even "wondering" if it's worth your time, then it's most likely not.
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