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Questions about Veteran Hunting Association (VHA)

Posted By: ARRazorback

Questions about Veteran Hunting Association (VHA) - 01/19/21 01:56 AM

I went on to a DeerTexas and found a lot of great hunting leases in the area i am looking for 2021. However, a few of them are VHA Owned. I have tried to contact them via phone and email and the only response I have received was an application with a note that said we will be accepting applications in march.

Has anyone else dealt with VHA and know how this works? I they seem to own a lot of property and I am not sure what property I am applying for.

My goal is to find leasable land for myself and my cousin for 2021 and beyond. Land that we can park our RV on with electricity and water additional cost is fine. I am hoping to get withing 1.5 hours from Spring Tx.

Thanks for any info you all have on this topic.
Posted By: Rustler

Re: Questions about Veteran Hunting Association (VHA) - 01/19/21 05:59 PM

I'd be cautious if you can't talk to someone on the phone or face to face, and view the contract and properties being offered before any money exchanges hands.

It is a shame to say, there are a lot of shady charecters to flat out scammers involved with hunting leases in the state, and yes they prey on anyone that inquires.

It is hard to say for sure, the who, what, where of VHA is, the small amount of info available online sends up too many red flags for me.

I know a few years ago there was a person leasing timber co land then advertising as a service to / association for veteran hunting for about double the price he paid.

Again, hard to say anything about VHA with so little backstory & info.
Posted By: ARRazorback

Re: Questions about Veteran Hunting Association (VHA) - 02/23/21 02:30 PM

thanks Rustler.

sorry for the late post lol.
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