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Fencing Costs

Posted By: TexasOutdoorsman

Fencing Costs - 11/30/20 04:12 PM

We have about 7,800 feet or 2,500 yards we need to get some three strand barb wire installed and one 12 foot gate.

I was wondering if any of y’all have any insights on the cost having some one come out and build it for us.

We are near Quanah Tex.

Any info is appreciated!

Thanks! cowboy
Posted By: Rustler

Re: Fencing Costs - 11/30/20 05:35 PM

Getting responses in your other thread ---> Fencing costs
Posted By: TexasOutdoorsman

Re: Fencing Costs - 11/30/20 07:03 PM

Yes just saw that! Thank you
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