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Family Looking

Posted By: tristallion16

Family Looking - 01/11/20 03:55 PM

We have a group of 6 Hunters that are related and family people. We are looking for Central or West Texas. We are willing to look at any opportunity other than East Texas. We have hunted together for over 20 years at two different leases. We have incredible references. We are looking for a year around type of place. The major things we are looking for is turkey, deer, and a place that we can spend time with our family.. We have travel trailers, feeders, and stands. We are also willing to meet in person.
Posted By: tristallion16

Re: Family Looking - 01/12/20 11:07 PM

Things we are looking for.
Family Friendly
Turkey and Deer
600-1500 acres

What we are:
Family oriented
We have managed at a high level for many years
Clean and stewards of the property
Not heavy drinkers
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