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Northeast Texas Hunting lease

Posted By: Clark8907

Northeast Texas Hunting lease - 11/25/19 06:47 PM

Myself and dad are interested in finding some land for lease up around Lamar, Red River, or Bowie counties. If you or anyone you know may have something available for next year please let me know. We are not looking to join a club, but just want to lease outright from an individual. Would prefer a minimum of 300 acres and up to 2000k. We would be willing to sign a long term agreement. I am more or less wanting to find somethign we can manage properly so when my three year old gets ready to hunt he can go and see a good number of deer and also have a chance at a good one.

We would also be interested in something on the Louisiana side near caddo lake. Thanks for your time.
Posted By: notamtchance

Re: Northeast Texas Hunting lease - 11/25/19 10:02 PM

Look ar the post before this one. 3 leases available in Lamar county.
Posted By: Clark8907

Re: Northeast Texas Hunting lease - 11/26/19 03:07 PM

Yea I saw that. Would prefer more in a single block if possible.
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