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Youth Hog Hunt

Posted By: retiredrailroadguy

Youth Hog Hunt - 07/22/19 02:08 PM

Not having a lease of my own anymore, I am looking for a place that I can take my two great nephews on, so that they can experience their first hunt. They are 14 year old twins, and their Dad (my nephew), does not hunt himself,and wanted me to "get them into the sport". They have moved back to texas from Colorado Springs, to the Houston area. I live in the DFW metroplex. Both of these young men have voiced their desire to go on a hog hunt, which I believe would be a great first time hunt. anywhere between Houston and the DFW metroplex would be in the cards, as far as location of the hunt goes. I'd like to find an affordable hunt, and am more concerned about seeing hogs, rather than killing a trophy boar! Thanks, Rob
Posted By: dfw_fowl

Re: Youth Hog Hunt - 07/22/19 02:25 PM

Good luck finding a lease. I can't help there, but thought I'd pass this along.

Please look into the Texas Youth Hunt Program. It is perfect for situations like this:
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