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Tracts up for bid

Posted By: Russ79

Tracts up for bid - 07/16/19 03:05 PM

Crown Pine Leasing currently has three tracts up for bid for lease- one tract of 2344 acres in Jasper county and two different smaller tracts in Angelina county- 192 acres and 140 acres. Thought I would share.
Posted By: Russ79

Re: Tracts up for bid - 07/17/19 05:58 PM

There are now five tracts up for bid- they added a 2915 ace tract in Hardin county and a 158 acre tract in Tyler county.
Posted By: Russ79

Re: Tracts up for bid - 07/18/19 01:50 PM

If nothing else, bid on one of the smaller tracts two or three dollars higher than minimum bid, get five or six buddies to chip in with you and use it as a hog hunting lease.

Re: Tracts up for bid - 07/20/19 10:37 AM

Sure would like more information on how to contact company.
Posted By: Russ79

Re: Tracts up for bid - 07/20/19 01:33 PM

Posted By: nacgoat08

Re: Tracts up for bid - 07/25/19 04:19 PM

Thanks for sharing. Anybody have any success/horror stories about leasing from Crown Pine?
Posted By: Russ79

Re: Tracts up for bid - 07/25/19 06:52 PM

I have three tracts leased from them- the longest for over 10 years. As much as everyone wants to carry on about east Texas- theft, poaching, night hunting- I have had very few issues over the years. Had guys kill some pretty nice bucks. The only draw back you have is that since they are in the business of growing and cutting timber, all work associated with that could be done at any time of the year. I have had a helicopter flying over spraying herbicide while I was bow hunting, Have had a planting crew show up the week before general season to plant saplings. Even had cutting going on during the week during deer season. Those are some things you have to put up with when you lease from a timber company. The trade off is having a reasonably priced place to hunt.
Posted By: BMag

Re: Tracts up for bid - 07/31/19 12:40 AM

Hey Russ, I have a few questions about leasing from Crown Pine. Can I pm you?
Posted By: Russ79

Re: Tracts up for bid - 07/31/19 01:17 PM

Yes, you can PM me.
Posted By: Armalite260

Re: Tracts up for bid - 08/01/19 02:58 PM

I think the bidding gets pretty serious. I bid over double the minimum for a couple tracks and was rejected! HaHa!! Maybe next year.
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