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Lease for Father/Daughter Needed

Posted By: SMASSEY

Lease for Father/Daughter Needed - 06/05/19 12:38 PM

My 14yr old daughter loves to hunt, so we are in search of a relaxed, respectful lease that welcomes youth within 3-hours of Dallas.

Please let me know if you have any openings that we could be a good fit for.

Posted By: ChadTRG42

Re: Lease for Father/Daughter Needed - 06/05/19 09:19 PM

^^^ GTG! I have known SMASSEY all my life, we grew up together. I don't have any openings on our lease or I'd have a spot for him on our place. Help him out!!
Posted By: freerange

Re: Lease for Father/Daughter Needed - 06/05/19 11:00 PM

You may or may not know but it can be very difficult to find a good lease. Many on here usually chime in with the many boots on the ground approach to looking by not leaving any stone unturned and I hope someone chimes in to elaborate. To me the easiest way is go to leasehunter.com. By no means is it the end all of how to find a lease but it can be done without much effort. Supply and demand just make it a hard row to hoe. Of course your budget could be the main limiting factor cause like it or not its just gotten expensive. I also suggest if you get any leads to run it by the guys on here. You can often get biased or bad information on here so it sometimes should be taken with a grain of salt but it can be better than going in blind. Good luck.
Posted By: SMASSEY

Re: Lease for Father/Daughter Needed - 06/06/19 06:16 PM

Thanks freerange - I'll check it out. I'm going to check out a couple of places this weekend and see how it goes:
- One is in Hardeman, Deer season only. 140 acre section for me with blinds/feeders in place. Fella says he maintains the feeders for me. Some people think that would be a nice convenience others have said that causes problems when the manager doesn't follow through on his word.
- Another is in Cross Plains 250 acres, Year around lease. I'd need to bring blinds/feeders.

Both are priced similar and similar distance from my home.
Posted By: ELKMTB

Re: Lease for Father/Daughter Needed - 06/07/19 10:05 PM

Shoot me a PM on what you are looking for. We have a couple spots, campsite but no water or electricity. There is the availability of a lodge that is about 30 min away I think for $60-80 a night.
Posted By: SMASSEY

Re: Lease for Father/Daughter Needed - 06/12/19 01:14 PM

Thanks for the help fellas - I was able to find a nice lease last weekend with a couple of good guys. Excited to get out in the woods with my daughter this coming season!
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