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Wanted: Deer Lease

Posted By: StevenW

Wanted: Deer Lease - 03/28/19 01:50 PM

Looking for a deer lease for 3-6 guys. I have as few as 3 and as many as 6 ready to go right now, and could easily fill other spots if I was able to find the right place that needed more guns than I currently have. We have a good group of guys that would all like to hunt together and have a place to take the kids to enjoy the outdoors. I'm open to area, but would like to stay within 5-6 hours of Houston. Ideal location would be somewhere in the hill country. Exotics a plus. Willing to pay well for the right place. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: rebelyell

Re: Wanted: Deer Lease - 04/23/19 01:08 AM

check out my thread under Land/lease " Kerr county gun club starting" 20April2019 maybe we can fit, john
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