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60 acres of Prime Habitat in Minnesota

Posted By: Pittstate

60 acres of Prime Habitat in Minnesota - 02/04/19 10:24 PM

I bought the tract 3 years ago when I lived in the Twin cities. I have since moved back to Texas.

It is made up of 6 fields, couple woods area and couple swamps. The northwest corner is fed by a huge wooded draw from public land/lake which is a highway for deer/turkey/bear. This place is as good as you want it to be. I planted about 10 acres of food plots and had deer on every sit. Only hunted it one year for Bear and came so close to getting one. 2 weekends that I didn't hunt, one showed up. And, the last day of the season, the bear showed 30 minutes after legal. The deer funnel from the northwest and you never know what will come your way. Turkey hunting is awesome. I filled my Fall and Spring tags with my bow. Pheasant hunting is also very good. I saw pheasant and grouse on almost every deer hunt. I hunted the pheasant 2 times each year and got my limit very easy. There are about 50 to 75 pheasant on the property when you plant corn. Not enough area to bring more than one buddy for pheasant hunting.

What is included: There is a pad I had done on the east side right by the neighbor for a RV. He has a water well and gave me free water.
20 foot single stand (X-Stand Duke) over looking a water hole and apple tree on southeast side by road.
12 foot tower with enclosure over looking 1/4 acre green food plot
4 foot tower that is 8x8' with Maverick Blind on it, overlooking a nice sized field.
2 old box blinds that came with it, that I never used.
2 man cheap tree stand overlooking another food plot and coming from neighbors apple tree.
I have a SC Condo 2 box blind over looking a field and apple tree, but will be taking it back to Texas if I come up to show the property.

This place is 20 miles directly east of Mille Lacs Lake (voted best small mouth bass lake in US). This place would be a perfect place to put an RV to fish the lake in the summer as well.

What to expect: If someone plants 5 acres of corn and soybeans (not that expensive really) they should expect: A) see deer on every sit B) Chance at mature buck 3 out of 5 years C) Limit on Turkey every fall and spring D) 2 limits of Pheasant every year E) Bear 2 out of 5 years (guy that leased it before killed a bear 7 out of 10 years. All 7 years they planted corn. Neighbor started planting corn again last year, so it should get better each year)

Other items. Minnesota has tons of public ATV trails. One is just down the road from my place. Another is across the interstate to east (about 20 miles from me). These lands are also open to public hunting as well. I limited on ruff grouse several times.

Cost: $2,000/yr plus cost of tax ($500 this year), so $2,500 this year (April 1st to Feb 28 2020) Please no more than 2 hunters on the lease or 1 Family.

I will post this on a couple sites in a few weeks. Thought I would give THF first dibs. Idea is to go down on April 1st time frame to show the place and sign contract.

PM me with phone number if you want more info.
Posted By: Pittstate

Re: 60 acres of Prime Habitat in Minnesota - 02/06/19 11:09 PM

Posted By: Txduckman

Re: 60 acres of Prime Habitat in Minnesota - 02/07/19 01:52 AM

Sure are a lot of licenses, permits and lotteries for non-residents. How much is it to hunt and do you have to enter lotteries to get permits to hunt your land?
Posted By: Pittstate

Re: 60 acres of Prime Habitat in Minnesota - 02/08/19 02:15 AM

The bear is no quota, so over the counter tag. Deer is over the counter tag. Upland/duck/geese, just like Texas. Turkey is weird. You can do archery, which will let you hunt the entire season. Or, do the lottery to get a tag for the first 2 weeks of season. The other weeks are over the counter. Like I said, turkey is weird. But, there are lots of turkeys in the area and I had no problem getting my turkey in the spring with my bow.

As for cost of each license, you will have to go on Minnesota's website and check.
Posted By: Pittstate

Re: 60 acres of Prime Habitat in Minnesota - 02/12/19 08:37 PM

Posted By: sparrish8

Re: 60 acres of Prime Habitat in Minnesota - 02/13/19 02:06 AM

Nice property ive hunted here
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