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Posted By: MathewsBowMan

SHAMROCK TX - 03/19/09 06:38 PM

I've just got the 1100 acres next to my 2000 acre lease.
It's along the river in Shamrock. lots of deer, turkey and some hogs. We have shot some good deer.
I'm trying to find some day hunters. This is the same rancher so leasing it to a group of guys is out of the question. Trying to find a couple of bow or gun hunters for this fall.
Archery hunts $850 - Gun hunts $1500 and that's one mature buck, 2 does, hogs.
I'm not a outfitter but these places are very good. I get the rancher his $$$ and in return me and my boy get to hunt.
I can e mail you pics of deer we have taken if you would like to see them.

Posted By: wellingtontx

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 03/22/09 01:25 AM

Hey MathewsBowMan, long time, just wanted to drop a note and say high. Hope all is well.

Posted By: safari

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 03/22/09 04:59 AM

Just as many turkeys on this place as you have on your others?

Posted By: MathewsBowMan

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 03/23/09 05:12 PM

Hello WellingtonTX, Thanks for saying howdy and good to hear from you.

Posted By: MathewsBowMan

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 03/23/09 05:13 PM

Hello Safari,
Honestly this place doesn't have as many turkeys as the other places.It's better for deer hunting. The birds that do come to it are just passing thru. Thaks for asking and good luck with the turkeys.

Posted By: jerry hart

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 09/11/19 07:37 PM

Hey Yancy, Been trying to find you..... I'm looking for my young son 10 to get his first buck and my 8 year old a doe.....I know for a fact , you've got the biggest deer in Texas
Posted By: dukengus

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 09/12/19 02:00 AM

PM Sent
Posted By: RudyG55

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 09/13/19 03:53 AM

Yancy has some of the biggest deer in Tx at a great value, buying a singlewide this year but cant wait til I can get back up there some November. One if the nicest guys in the biz to work with. Good Luck this year
Posted By: brokenpole

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 09/28/19 01:58 PM

PM sent
Posted By: Chickenwing

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 09/28/19 02:49 PM

PM sent
Posted By: mley1

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 10/12/19 12:33 PM

Guys, Yancey will do his best to put you on deer. I’ve hunted with him for several years with a group of guys. He and his family are a pleasure to hunt with. And they have a LOT of nice deer. Good luck this year Yancey! Hope you guys slay some good ones!!
Posted By: brokenpole

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 10/12/19 01:53 PM

I’m sure he does . Be great if he would answer his PMs though
Posted By: notamtchance

Re: SHAMROCK TX - 10/19/19 02:50 PM

Yancey is a great guy and friend. You won't go wrong dealing with him.
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