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Another Craigslist DUD

Posted By: TexasLandAgent

Another Craigslist DUD - 01/27/15 10:04 PM


This lease is advertising 1 spot for total 5 guns on 800 acres in Hamilton, TX. Lease boss will not tell you that he's also adding 5 separate guns for just hogs. So, the actual number is 10 guns on this lease up until opening day. If you're ok bumping asses with 9 other yahoos during hog season, have at it.
Posted By: Stickchunker

Re: Another Craigslist DUD - 01/27/15 10:46 PM

I posted on your other thread as well.

I just don't see how this will work, you have 5 guys that have put up stands and feeders for deer season, and then you have another 5 guys, that i would assume have rights to put up an additional 5 stands and feeders to hog hunt!?! So when deer season starts, do these 5 hog hunters come get their stuff or do they wait until rifle season is over!?! This is a fouled up situation all the way around, and like i stated in the other thread, you'd be out of your mind to take a deal like this!!
Posted By: SSChampion

Re: Another Craigslist DUD - 01/27/15 10:57 PM

Thanks for posting this guys. I had talked to this person last night and he never told me about the 5 extra hunters. Thanks for sharing I will stay clear. I agree there is no way this would work out.
Posted By: TexasLandAgent

Re: Another Craigslist DUD - 01/27/15 11:14 PM

Originally Posted By: Stickchunker
This is a fouled up situation all the way around

Yep. Just fouled up. Good post on the other thread stickchunker.

Greediness will kill a good lease tract so fast. It's sad really.
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