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Developing land for deer & other wildlife

Posted By: HS2

Developing land for deer & other wildlife - 09/15/14 05:16 PM

I am about to purchase 26 acres of land in east Texas. It backs up to miles and miles of state-owned forest land that has water. My piece had timber cut on it 12 years ago and has grown up in some pines & small hardwoods, but is packed thick with yaupon and brush. I plan to clear part of it and plant timber, but would like to plant some trees to attract deer, hogs, & varmints for hunting.

I know that I can plant crabapples, persimmons, maybe acrons or pecans, but what other advice can you give me for what to plant to attract wildlife. I plan to keep this property in the family for a long time and want to have a place where future generations can hunt.
Any suggestions? If you could do anything with this, what would you do?
Posted By: cameron00

Re: Developing land for deer & other wildlife - 09/15/14 08:36 PM

Wild plums form thickets that deer and hogs love both for the fruit and for the bedding qualities.

26 acres ain't a whole lot of land to be planting a whole lot on though. I'd just do a small food plot and some fruit trees, but hear this:

If you're not willing to put up cages around each individual tree, do not even bother planting. The animals will wipe them out as seedlings.
Posted By: huntindude

Re: Developing land for deer & other wildlife - 09/16/14 09:15 PM

+1 on the wildplums and the trees with cages. Its a heartache. Texas forest service has list of trees they sell, but you cant get just one or two. And there a Nursery in Livingston, Texas that the forest services has on there web site that also sells trees in large quantities though. Hope the info helps eric
ArborGen SuperTree Nurseries
Texas (800) 642-2264
Livingstone, Texas (877) 600-8015

$ Per
Black Quercus velutina 300 60
Bur Quercus macrocarpa 300 60
Cherrybark Quercus falcata var. pagodaefolia 250 60
Chestnut Quercus prinus 300 60
Chinkapin Quercus muehlenbergii 300 60
Gobbler Sawtooth Quercus acutissima (gobbler) 300 60
Laurel Quercus laurifolia 300 60
Live Quercus virginiana 300 60
Northern Red Quercus rubra 250 60
Nuttall Quercus nuttallii 250 60
Overcup Quercus lyrata 300 60
Pin Quercus palustris 250 60
Post Quercus stellata 250 60
Sawtooth Quercus acutissima 250 60
Shumard Quercus shumardii 250 60
Southern Red Quercus falcata 250 60
Swamp Chestnut Quercus michauxii 250 60
Swamp White Quercus bicolor 250 60
Turkey Quercus laevis 300 60
Water Quercus nigra 250 60
White Quercus alba 250 60
Willow Quercus phellos 250 60
Alder Tag Alnus serrulata 300 60
Apple Wild Malus pumila 300 60
Ash Green Fraxinus pennsylvanica 250 60
Beautyberry American Callicarpa americana 250 60
Birch, River Betula nigra 250 60
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis 250 60
Catalpa Catalpa bignonioides 250 60
Chinkapin (Allegheny) Castanea pumila 300 60
Cottonwood Populus deltoides 300 60
Crabapple Southern Malus angustifolia 250 60
Cypress Bald Taxodium distichum 250 60
$ Per
Cypress Pond Taxodium distichum 300 60
Dogwood Flowering Cornus florida 300 60
Dogwood Silky Cornus amonum 250 60
Elderberry Sambucus canadenisis 250 60
Elm Cedar Ulmus crassifolia 300 100
Hackberry Celtis occidentalis 250 60
Hickory, Shagbark Carya ovata 450 100
Hickory, Shellbark Carya laciniosa 450 100
Hickory, Water Carya aquatica 250 60
Ironwood (blue beech) Carpinus carolinia 300 60
Lespedeza Bicolor Lespedeza 55 N/A
Locust Black Robinia pseudoacacia 250 60
Magnolia, Sweetbay Magnolia virginiana 600 100
Maple Red Acer rubrum 300 60
Mayhaw Crataegus opaca 250 60
Mulberry Red Morus rubra 250 60
Pawpaw Asimina triloba 300 100
Pecan Carya illinoensis 300 60
Persimmon Diospyros virginiana 250 60
Plum Prunus americana 300 60
Poplar, Yellow Liriodendron tulipifera 400 60
Redbud Eastern Cersis canadensis 300 60
Sugarberry Celtis laevigata 250 60
Sweetgum Improved Liquidambar styraciflua 250 60
Sycamore Platanus occidentalis 250 60
Tupelo Blackgum Nyssa sylvatica 250 60
Tupelo Swamp Blackgum Nyssa sylvatica var. biflora 250 60
Tupelo Water Nyssa aquatica 250 60
Walnut, Black Juglans nigra 450 100
Waxmyrtle Southern Myrica cerifera 300 60
Willow Black (Containerized) Salix nigra 400 60
Eucalyptus Varietal E. grandis x urophylla
CONTRACT ONLY Eucalyptus OP E. benthamii
Eucalyptus Varietal E. camoldulensis
OTHER16 year old MCP Stand i
Posted By: wtjim

Re: Developing land for deer & other wildlife - 09/17/14 04:29 AM

Thin pines everywhere, especially around your mast producing hardwoods and fertilize them. Strategically plant low growing thicket style like plum or honeysuckle. Deer eta heck out of the yaupon so be thrifty in clearing that. Add your food plots should be good.
Posted By: Erathkid

Re: Developing land for deer & other wildlife - 09/25/14 11:13 PM

Keep all the yaupon. Thin the pines if they're getting too thick, only in the middle of the property. Leave evergreens around the boundaries for concealment. Clear a 1-2 acre field (if possible) in the middle of the property, using existing deer trails as your guide. Make sure water is close by and stay out as much as possible before hunting season. That should do it. Hunt the wind from an elevated position.
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