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Looking for Sable/Ibex and Cape/Water Buffalo

Posted By: elkaholic

Looking for Sable/Ibex and Cape/Water Buffalo - 03/17/21 03:12 AM

I am looking for a youth hunt for the following animals. Sable/Ibex and Cape/Water Buffalo. These are youth hunts for Hunt of a Lifetime with kids with terminal and/or life threatening illness. We do have money available for these hunts but am looking for the best possible price. Discounted or donated hunts would, of course, be over the top but I understand it is a business.

I did not check back after my last post often enough and had a couple of PMs for a Kudu hunt. I appreciate the messages and we were able to secure that hunt. I will do better at logging in and checking messages in the future. Thanks for those messages. Please respond or PM me if anyone has these animals.


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