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Free Hog Opportunity

Posted By: TXAGGIE83

Free Hog Opportunity - 12/09/19 07:29 PM

I am looking for someone who uses dogs to hunt hogs and is willing to come and do it on my property for free. I would want someone who is experienced and has dogs which will not chase deer or other game animals. They would need to be able to round up and shoot most of the hogs off the property. I would like someone with good references. The hunter(s) could keep the hogs they dispatch, I would keep the tails only. Let me know if you qualify or know someone who does.
Posted By: esnow74

Re: Free Hog Opportunity - 12/10/19 03:39 AM

Since the dogs don't know boundaries, how much land do you have to do this on? Those dogs will run a hog a long way if they need, will surrounding properties be ok with it if the chase goes there? Where is the property located?
Posted By: fonzie

Re: Free Hog Opportunity - 12/10/19 01:55 PM

Shot me a PM with more details I have a good buddy with some jam up dogs!
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Free Hog Opportunity - 12/10/19 03:32 PM

Curious what you do with the tails? I get all of mine tanned for the "trophy". Moyle Mink does them for about $10 each.
Posted By: TXAGGIE83

Re: Free Hog Opportunity - 12/10/19 11:28 PM

I have 337 acres low fenced property in the Hill Country near Mason/Junction. Tails are kept for participation in the local predator control program.
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