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Outfitter review

Posted By: harvey

Outfitter review - 11/18/19 01:38 AM

Hunted with Los Papalotes Rodeo Ranch at their Freer location this weekend. I went down to kill a few does for the freezer and wound up taking a 240 lb. 8 point management buck as well. These are great folks who made me feel welcome from the time I got there until I headed home. Beautiful 5000 acre ranch and great native whitetail. If you want a hunt where you can enjoy great hospitality and a real South Texas Hunt, look them up on Facebook or on the web. They have exotics as well at their Edinburg ranches if that’s what you are after; haven’t been down there yet but I might give it a try. Either way I’ll be back next year.
Posted By: LainTx

Re: Outfitter review - 11/19/19 02:58 PM

Is there website pricing correct 100 dollar for a doe or is there additional fees to go meat hunting?
Posted By: harvey

Re: Outfitter review - 11/19/19 04:51 PM

No other fees. Call Andrea- I believe her number is on the website.
Posted By: harvey

Re: Outfitter review - 11/19/19 05:02 PM

Actually they do charge a cleaning fee if you decide to go that route, or you can do it yourself. Tons of does.
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