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Alaska Caribou Hunt - Cancellation!

Posted By: Brettm

Alaska Caribou Hunt - Cancellation! - 07/03/19 01:24 AM

Save over $3,000...

This one will go quickly! A cancellation just created a great opportunity to go to the unspoiled wilderness of Northern Alaska to pursue Barren Ground Caribou, and at a great price. With the closure of Quebec sport hunting for caribou and Manitoba/Nunavut most likely next, we have seen price increases everywhere else with no sign of that slowing down. That makes this hunt especially appealing. Not to mention you can also target Grizzly Bear on this hunt.

There are two sets of dates available. Due to the proximity of the hunt this will be sold on a first come first serve basis with payment in full due at booking.
These are high success fully guided (2x1) hunts. The hunts run for 7 days - Monday to Sunday. Hunters need to arrive in Fairbanks on the Saturday prior to the hunt and overnight. On Sunday, you will then be flown to base camp via charter ($1,450 round trip), meet the owner/guides, finish up your paperwork and be flown to spike camp via the owners plane...........the hunt begins Monday and concludes on Sunday. Hunters should book a flight back out of Fairbanks no earlier than 9 pm on Monday. Best would be to book on Tuesday in case of bad weather out of camp and/or charter back to Fairbanks.

These hunts are with a reputable outfitter we have been working with for over a decade. He is a 3rd generation Pilot and knows where to find caribou.

We have 1 hunter booked for the raft hunt as of this morning.............looking for a second.

July 28- August 4 - Spot and stalk hunt on foot out of spike camp (2 spots available)
** 2 Price options here on this hunt. $5,750 up front, or pay $4,000 upfront and then a $2,500 trophy fee if and when a caribou is harvested

August 25- September 1 - Raft hunt (2 spots available)
** $5,750

Other costs are Hunting license, caribou tag and fishing license if wanted

Regular Price: $8,900
Cancellation Price $5,750
Add Grizzly Bear on a Harvest Fee: $8,500

Please call if you have any questions
Posted By: spartanhunter

Re: Alaska Caribou Hunt - Cancellation! - 07/08/19 06:55 PM

If and when ? Lol
Posted By: Brettm

Re: Alaska Caribou Hunt - Cancellation! - 07/12/19 03:24 AM

Yes, if and when. Even though this is a high success hunt, nothing is guaranteed when hunting caribou.....been on 7 of them.
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