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ISO Axis Hunt

Posted By: themoonrulz

ISO Axis Hunt - 04/08/19 09:42 PM

Looking for an Axis hunt for my father in law and myself. Would like two 30 inch + bucks. Lodging included would be a plus. I may have a buddy tag along and take an axis doe. There may be one other person included looking to also take a buck but that hasn't been confirmed. Please PM me with what you have. We're not looking for a luxury hunt...we just had a kid, surprised the wife even agreed to this 😂

Please include location, acreage and HF/LF.
Posted By: DavidC.

Re: ISO Axis Hunt - 04/09/19 12:33 PM

Just sent you a pm.
Posted By: Takota08

Re: ISO Axis Hunt - 04/09/19 11:29 PM

Chalk Creek Exotics.
We have 30+ Axis for $2250, can do high or low fence depending on the time of year. I can add a doe to a trophy hunt for $300 (we donít do doe only hunts). PM me for any questions or check out the website in our signature line below. If it doesnít make 30, the price is $1500. Sizes will range from 28-34 on average, I did catch a free range 38 earlier this year that I sold for big money, so there are some bigger than 34, but very rare!

Thanks & good luck
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