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Oklahoma Turkey Hunt

Posted By: Pittstate

Oklahoma Turkey Hunt - 01/21/15 02:52 AM

Do it yourself/Semi guided spring turkey hunt. My place is a little over 1 hour from Denton, TX. I got a 500 acre contiguous ranch and then three 20 acre plots, 1 50 acre plot and a 70 acre plot. All but 70 is in Carter County (1 tom limit). The 70 is in Stephens County (2 Tom limit). You have to buy a hunting license and tags for each turkey harvested. This will be for April 16th and 17th. Price is $200 for both days of hunting and $100/night if you want to stay at my cabin. If not, there are lots of Hotels in Ardmore, which is 22 miles away. I have calls and decoys if anyone needs to borrow and can point you in the right direction. I can help call and video for a couple short hunts if you like. You can call them in or sit by a feeder, your choice. You can also shoot hogs if you want. I have a few rules on hog hunting, so that would have to be discussed. This place is full of Turkey and hogs. I don't think we have ever had someone not get a turkey in 2 days of hunting.

Posted By: Gamblinman

Re: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt - 01/21/15 04:34 PM

I have to ask...why only those dates?
Posted By: Pittstate

Re: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt - 01/21/15 06:48 PM

That is the only dates that I will have time to do this. The price is dirt cheap and I am just trying to help someone get a nice hunt in without breaking the bank. My place is strictly managed and we keep the pressure down to a minimum. This is not a day lease place...many of my places only get hunted once a year.
Posted By: Pittstate

Re: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt - 02/09/15 04:44 PM

Sorry guys/gals,
Should have posted earlier. I am totally booked with over a dozen on the waiting list. I will try to do this again next year based on how well it turns out.
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