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Posted By: MI Hunter

Tips - 06/13/21 11:47 PM

Any tips or tricks y’all do in setting up a new blind? I’ve read cattle tags for wasps. Anything to remember to do to improve the quality of your sit?
Posted By: Jimbo1

Re: Tips - 06/14/21 12:13 AM

Battery operated fan for this time of year.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Tips - 06/14/21 01:19 AM

Prozap Insect Guard strips will kill wasp and bees inside your blinds. Not so much at keeping them out but if they get in and the blind is sealed pretty good they will be dead the next day. Look at where the sun will be rising and setting in October not where it is now. I made that mistake on moving a blind for better wind direction one summer...that fall it set directly behind one of the feeders at that blind. Was not a real issue since I used a road feeder and had another feeder to the east. Also I try to put the blind up against tree for a backdrop....trying to use the prevailing wind direction to blow that direction also so I only had to watch 3 directions. I like two feeders if the deer numbers are high...spreads the bucks and does out in the early season...then in the rut gives you two chances at seeing mature bucks working does.
Posted By: Hudbone

Re: Tips - 06/14/21 11:07 AM

Wow - Obe Juan made a mistake? Caught off guard here, but now he has joined this crowd.
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