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PROTEIN FEEDER - 12/28/20 01:14 AM

What is normal height from the ground for the feed tubes on protein feeders? Is there an optimum height? Any real difference in say a 4 tube & a 3 tube? I have found a BOSS BUCK 350 lb that is a bargain. Anyone know any negatives with the BOSS BUCK? Thanks Daniel
Posted By: bigdavehunting

Re: PROTEIN FEEDER - 12/31/20 03:17 AM

some of the ones I have looked at looks like the poles hender them for eating. Just my 2cents
Posted By: jetdad

Re: PROTEIN FEEDER - 12/31/20 04:29 AM

I recall a thread on here that squirrels liked to chew on them.
Posted By: Txhunter65

Re: PROTEIN FEEDER - 01/03/21 04:10 AM

Had two of their 600lb feeders. They were great.... driving 2 hours every two weeks to fill them sucked. Boss buck claims 40” is optimal height to keep Vermont’s from reaching up and grabbing the spout.
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