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Bow blind for oaks

Posted By: Burwabit

Bow blind for oaks - 09/09/20 06:28 PM

I'm new on a place in Leon County this year (20 miles off I45 between Dallas/Houston) and want to get back into bow hunting. All of my previous bow hunting was done in the mostly treeless Crosby and Taylor Counties. What's a good commercial tree blind for oak trees? There's a perfect one near a electric line easement. I'm thinking a ladder stand of some kind but open to suggestions. I have an old climbing stand but I'm about 30 miles west for pines.

Posted By: Whack n stack

Re: Bow blind for oaks - 09/12/20 04:18 PM

Academy sells decent ladder stands at a good price. I like the double stands for the extra room for backpacks and gear.
Posted By: dlrz71

Re: Bow blind for oaks - 09/14/20 03:50 PM

I use a ladder stand and I got a few of those screw hangers to screw into the tree for by pack and bow to hang from. If I were to buy a new one that double as mentioned above would be a great option for the extra room.
Posted By: David7912

Re: Bow blind for oaks - 09/24/20 02:04 AM

I picked up a 10 ft tri pod at Academy 162.50 out the door got it put together and set up in the trees pretty nice stand,strong swivel seat no squeaks or noise.Found a new place to hunt so had to have another stand (you can never ever have to many stands)
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