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Protein containment

Posted By: mow

Protein containment - 04/26/20 07:57 PM

I had a good idea..bought 6 -55 gallon drums..and a ton of 20 percent protein pellets..I place 3 barrells at each feeder pen and store protein in 55 gallon barrels..carry several 5 gallon buckets on my 4 wheeler to feeder and dump in protein feeder..easy peezy..that simple.. locate storage drums about 20 yards away behind cedar tree.lock top lid..stays dry and cows can't get to it..poor boy style I guess..but it's cheap..about 250$ a ton..don't have to mess with delivery..FYI..just started doing this about three weeks ago..so far my 500lbs feeder hasn't run out
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Posted By: PMK

Re: Protein containment - 04/27/20 03:47 PM

up ... we used to do the same thing with corn and used an old chest type freezer that quit cooling but would hold a bunch of corn to leave at the lease, water tight and coon/cow proof. We added a hasp type just in case with a snap to prevent anything from opening the lid.
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