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Feeder Motors

Posted By: Txhunter65

Feeder Motors - 12/02/19 08:14 PM

Wondering if there were any better than the rest. Thought I had read somewhere or seen something on the tube about a brushless motor that would last longer than others but can't seem to find anything on it on the web.
Posted By: Perforce Outdoors

Re: Feeder Motors - 12/02/19 08:47 PM

[align:right][/align]The big motors with the 1/4” shaft and 2-pin SAE plug are better than the little ones with the 1/8” shaft in my experience.

For example:

I’m not aware of a brushless motor as they are more costly and require commutation electronics to drive them (unless it’s integrated into the motor). They generally do last a lot longer.
Posted By: Ramball36

Re: Feeder Motors - 12/02/19 10:59 PM

I use the 12 volt 1/4" shaft motors from West Texas Feeder Supply. They seem to work great for the most part, I did have 2 out of 30 or so crap out pretty soon after rigging up to some feeders. Most all of these motors come from the same place anyways
Posted By: kry226

Re: Feeder Motors - 12/03/19 03:15 AM

Yeah, they're just about all made in China. Just purchase from a reputable retailer and let them worry about supply quality.
Posted By: Lotto

Re: Feeder Motors - 12/10/19 07:39 PM

Can't beat All Season for the price
Posted By: bholt

Re: Feeder Motors - 12/26/19 06:13 PM

As Ramball said go with 12 volt and 1/4" shaft no matter which brand they are the best.
Posted By: cm250

Re: Feeder Motors - 12/28/19 10:30 PM

We use “On Time” feeders, with life time warranty. Have five that are close to twenty years old, if not that old already. Have had a couple issues, emailed them the issue, they sent parts to repair, just had to pay shipping. Would never use another brand. Four are analog, and one digital,
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