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All seasons feeders box blind

Posted By: Texas buckeye

All seasons feeders box blind - 11/21/19 04:32 AM

Looking at a big chignon. Not trying to get into a price issue here, but does anyone have one and have pluses and/or minuses?

Texasbowhunter gives good reviews but tried searching here and couldn’t find anything specific, but my search seemed to pull all kinds of threads totally unrelated to blinds and nothing to this one in specific
Posted By: tuckerracing

Re: All seasons feeders box blind - 11/26/19 07:19 PM

We bought one for our ranch that was a left over from last year and I have absolutely no complaints with it. Was easy to set up with the mounts underneath for the pallet forks to go. This stand seems like it was not near as hot in the warmer days with the two vents in the top compared to the other fiberglass stands we have. So far no leaks or bugs inside of it and no issues. I like the gun rest that came with the stand that goes over the window channel and the gun rest by the door are nice. We have talked about buying a couple more when we are ready to replace some of the other stands.
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