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Ready-made guzzlers?

Posted By: Creekrunner

Ready-made guzzlers? - 07/19/19 07:02 PM

Does anyone make ready-made small water guzzlers, like would fit on a trailer?
Posted By: Tactical Cowboy

Re: Ready-made guzzlers? - 07/19/19 07:57 PM

LFM Bul Tuf
Posted By: Single Shot

Re: Ready-made guzzlers? - 07/19/19 08:39 PM

Try here

Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Ready-made guzzlers? - 07/19/19 11:49 PM

Not a guzzler but you could make a roof that would fill it easily.
Posted By: HLo

Re: Ready-made guzzlers? - 07/21/19 10:45 PM

On Craigslist in Austin Area a guy was selling them. Basically a square plastic tank on a steel stand with a metal roof to fill the water container and a spigot on the end. Look up Cisterns, deeer blinds, etc. I believe they made deer blinds and feeders as well.
Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: Ready-made guzzlers? - 07/21/19 10:49 PM

Thanks to all. I inherited a few square plastic lick-tubs on the new place and I've been thinking about using them as catchment ponds, so to speak, each piped downhill to some sort of water manifold, then further downhill into a holding tank, then further downhill to a small trough. 'Just have to find the right location on the place.
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