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Barronett Ground Blinds

Posted By: pigslayer10

Barronett Ground Blinds - 03/19/19 07:50 PM

Has anyone had any experience with these blinds? I'm shopping around for a couple new ones and these keep popping up. They don't look like terrible blinds for the money. I'm more worried about whether the windows are bow hunter friendly or not. Or if you have a suggestion on a blind that's not going to cost me my first born child, I'd appreciate that as well. TIA
Posted By: JeremyKS

Re: Barronett Ground Blinds - 03/23/19 03:44 AM

I have two of the ox5 blinds and have had good luck with them. Quality is on par with the Double Bull blinds imo.

Re: Barronett Ground Blinds - 03/23/19 08:07 PM

Don't know about tye Double bull blinds but the Barronett blinds are well made. I purchased the BIG OX because the top was waterproof not water resistant. My only negative was the weight, too much for an old man to carry very far..
Posted By: passthru

Re: Barronett Ground Blinds - 03/24/19 08:59 PM

I've had a Big Mike's for two seasons. This year I left it up from September until January with no obvious negative effects. Killed a doe and a pig with my longbow out of it. I pulled it down and brought it home because I like to take it on day lease hunts as well. Pigs don't seem to mind it,
Posted By: kdkane1971

Re: Barronett Ground Blinds - 03/27/19 02:14 PM

I bought two off Ebay and used them this past season. No problems whatsoever, although they will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. I would not hesitate to buy them again.
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