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55 gallon Drum

Posted By: YellowDog

55 gallon Drum - 01/21/19 08:54 PM

Looking for a 55 gallon drum in the Midland Odessa and Abilene area.
Posted By: PMK

Re: 55 gallon Drum - 01/24/19 07:33 PM

check craigslist in the areas of interest. if still nothing, Google "55 gallon Barrel in Midland-Odessa" ... or Abilene.
Posted By: Papalote

Re: 55 gallon Drum - 02/05/19 12:22 AM

Grainger sells them as new. Not cheap. 49E drums have the gasketed lid.

Posted By: 4Weight

Re: 55 gallon Drum - 02/27/19 12:20 AM

Search on CL for 55 gal. Drum or barrel or under deer feeder. Bought one today in FTW for 15 bucks like new

Re: 55 gallon Drum - 02/27/19 05:30 AM

Iíve been able to find barrels for free on CL. Thereís a free section, just have to watch.
Posted By: PMK

Re: 55 gallon Drum - 02/27/19 11:43 PM

come to think of it ... one of my first 55 gallon feeders was one that had the solid lid with bungs. About 4 inches from the top, it had been cut with a torch or cutoff saw (to form a lid) and the barrel (non-lid portion) was slightly bent in in several spots where the lid would slide down over the barrel to a very snug fit. Worked like a charm (until mesquite creek in northern Burnet county got to flood stage and the feed headed to the gulf of Mexico).

in other words, no need to buy a barrel with banded or snap ring type lid ... all DIY.
Posted By: TKandMike

Re: 55 gallon Drum - 03/08/19 03:53 PM

Are you looking for plastic or metal?
Posted By: HWY_MAN

Re: 55 gallon Drum - 03/09/19 02:53 PM

Originally Posted by YellowDog
Looking for a 55 gallon drum in the Midland Odessa and Abilene area.

I've got some empty 30 weight oil drums, you can have on one condition, don't get a torch anywhere near them. I've had one friend killed and another injured severely (Lost a leg and part of this hand). both thinking they could safely cut the drum with a torch.
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