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Woodpeckers/holes in blinds

Posted By: jakebunch

Woodpeckers/holes in blinds - 02/10/15 01:15 AM

Our blinds are being attacked by woodpeckers. They will peck a fist size hole in the side of the blind, sometimes more than one, and then owls and critters get in there and make a real mess.
Has anyone had this problem and what did you do to prevent the blinds from being damaged. We are not there enough to shoot the problem away and we have never seen the culprit(s). Ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Woodpeckers/holes in blinds - 02/10/15 01:19 AM

I think hey are trying to get to some type of insects or wasps in the blind. I had to keep ProZap No Pest strips in the blinds that helped some. I now build all my blinds out of Hardiboard due to woodpeckers.
Posted By: jeh7mmmag

Re: Woodpeckers/holes in blinds - 02/10/15 01:45 AM

Mix up some roofing tar and diesel and then paint the underside of evaes. Worked in hay barns
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Woodpeckers/holes in blinds - 02/11/15 05:41 PM

I've never had that problem. I guess it's good that I'm somehow avoiding at least one problem. I've had the owl problem, from other reasons, and they sure can make a mess in a blind. Nasty.
Posted By: HLo

Re: Woodpeckers/holes in blinds - 02/11/15 08:18 PM

We have the same problem. Had to clad ours in metal paneling. They are after bugs in the wood is what I read. Keeping the wood painted inside and out may help but by the time you do that just clad with metal and forget about it.
Posted By: bigdavehunting

Re: Woodpeckers/holes in blinds - 02/15/15 03:37 AM

They were poking holes in our camera faces if that don't piss you off nothing will.
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