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Custom Blinds

Posted By: HAWKEYE911

Custom Blinds - 10/03/14 03:33 AM

I build custom blind boxes for people. Just recently found a panelling with a plastic layer on the front, but the outside of the panel is photo quality camo like Realtree camo. May have to build a blind with it and see how it turns out. Just expensive to add the panels on the outside.Sorry no pics, but I will get a pic opening weekend.
Posted By: HAWKEYE911

Re: Custom Blinds - 10/03/14 02:00 PM

Posted By: spg

Re: Custom Blinds - 11/09/14 04:48 PM

Where's the pic's and where did you get the panels?
Posted By: Gusval

Re: Custom Blinds - 11/15/14 11:33 PM

Home depot sells 4x8 camo osb boards.
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