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Posted By: MI Hunter

Hunting Wear - 07/17/21 09:35 PM

So, if you were to start over and build your hunting wear, and wanted to keep it to a minimum / basic what would it look like.

I know there are many variables involved, but use this as a baseline.
Hunt 30 days a year
Texas to Midwest w/ occasionally an out west hunt
All big game (no birds or ducks)
Both archery and rifle
Will include some stand hunting as well as stalking.

I just have way to many jackets & such, and want to upgrade (quality) and pair down in number of pieces,

Thanks for your feedback
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Hunting Wear - 07/19/21 07:55 PM

I have occasion to hunt a bit down in Texas, not near as much last few years, with my Wyoming hunts.
I have a pair of cotton pants and long sleeve shirt for Texas hunting. I use a pattern we can hunt in up here as well for down, either brush camo or a sage brush type pattern.

For my Wyoming and other mountain hunting, I have some quick drying light weight pants and some quick drying heavier weight pants both in mountain mimicry camo which I can't buy now, Core4element brand.
For shirts I have a great heavy wool shirt I wear all the time up here, archery through rifle seasons when weather dictates.
Other shirts range from a great heavy wool shirt to fleece and synthetics that dry and wick moisture well.
Under layers are all merino wool and one pair of heavy fleece long john pants.

I have one heavy wool coat and several lighter weight jackets that I got from sale and closeouts . Wind breaking is the main consideration for my coats and jackets, I can layer up under for real warmth.

The newer materials are quiet and wick moisture well. Many camo patterns will work great in the mountains or in Texas.
My main consideration is if I'll be ok when temps plummet up here. Cotton does not work well in extreme cold with snow.

Solid color quiet clothes will work well too, browns, tans, grays and lighter green etc .
Posted By: Gumbeaux

Re: Hunting Wear - 07/21/21 03:56 PM

Think layers for sure. I really like the Kuiu stuff as an outer layer and sometimes that's all I wear.

But with a good outer layer, and a couple of weights of thermal underwear, wool sweaters, etc you everything you need to hunt from south Texas to the mid-west whether you're walking or sitting.

I've also come to love layers because you can take stuff off as conditions change throughout the day.

Clothing and insulation has come a long way in recent years. You just don't need the big bulky stuff you used to need to stay warm. And with the modern fabrics and ability to vent most of it, it's really adaptable and flexible now.

I went with a couple of hat and boot options as well. If you can match those to your conditions and keep your head and feet warm, the rest of the body will really kind of fall into place.
Posted By: MacDaddy21

Re: Hunting Wear - 07/26/21 05:20 PM

I love my Sitka gear. Timberline pants, Kelvin lite hoody, Kelvin lite pants, Sitka baselayers. Im going to add some Sitka rain gear and a larger outer shell jacket in the future. Lots of great deals on camofire.com. Scheels carries a lot of the product line as well which helps to determine sizing and fit before ordering elsewhere.
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Hunting Wear - 07/28/21 06:14 PM

The newer, lightweight fabrics are amazing. Quieter and better at breathing or wind stopping.
My heavy wool coat and favorite hunting shirts will not get put away but then newer pants and jackets paired with good underlayers are the best we've had access to as hunters I think.
Camo patterns will come and go but the newer materials are here to stay , thankfully.
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